Viridian RFX 35 Green Dot Sight
Viridian RFX 35 Green Dot Sight

Viridian RFX 35 Green Dot Sight

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Unleash Lightning-Fast Target Acquisition with the Viridian RFX 35 Green Dot Sight

When every millisecond counts, trust your shot to a sight that reacts as fast as you do. The Viridian RFX 35 Green Dot Sight delivers lightning-fast target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy, empowering you to dominate close-quarters engagements.

Here's why this sight is a game-changer:

- Instinctive Aiming: The 3 MOA green dot naturally draws your eye for rapid target engagement. - Enhanced Visibility: The green dot stands out against a wider range of backgrounds for a clearer sight picture in any environment. - Motion-Activated Illumination: Instantly springs to life with the slightest movement, ensuring you're always ready. - Integrated Backup Iron Sight: Offers a seamless transition to a traditional sight if needed. - Sleek, Compact Design: Mounts directly to the slide for a minimal footprint that won't snag or hinder your draw. - RMR Footprint Compatibility: Works with a wide range of holsters and mounts designed for RMR-style optics. - Long-Lasting Battery Life: Powered by a CR2032 battery for extended use. - Water-Resistant Construction: Built tough to withstand the elements.

Features Table:

UPC/MPN754003936742 / 981-0057
Reticle3 MOA Green Dot
Weight1 oz
FinishMatte Black
Dimensions (L x W x H)22x26mm
Optic RailsRMR Footprint

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