Leaked E-mail Suggests ATF is Planning on Seizing Items Starting Tomorrow
Mrgunsngear Channel reported about a alleged ATF e-mail that should be of concern to every freedom loving American, regardless of whether or not they own the item the ATF wants to ban or firearms at all.

According to the e-mail as quoted by Mrgunsngear:
"Please prepare to take possesion of any documents and FRTs the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, offers to surrender. The manufacturer, distributor, retailer may choose to abandon the items in which case ask them to compelte a consent to property form."
At this point the ATF might not seem so bad. Maybe they're doing people a service and getting rid of clutter they no longer want. Then the letter goes on to state the following:
"If the manufacturer seller refuses to abandon the items, please take custody of the items and SEIZE them for forefeiture so that they can be properly noticed."
This infringement is not only a violation of the 2nd amendment but the 4th as well. Unreasonable searches and seizures anyone?

What is a Forced Reset Trigger?
A forced Reset Trigger forces the trigger to reset itself, while your finger's on the trigger. With proper practice one can shoot faster with a FRT than with the stock trigger on a semi-auto firearm. FRT's coem with built in "options" that fire the weapon depending on the pressure you apply. For example, applying light pressure on the trigger will result in one shot being fired. Applying more pressure than necessary will achieve similar results. If your the ATF or the current regime, this constitutes a "machine gun"

The letter gets worse as it refers to "number of defendants found in possesion of these devices." That means they're not going after pieces of metal, they're going after YOU.
They want to take your property that you legally purchased and legally own without a court order with the excuse that it's a machine gun.

Mrgunsngear makes a good point at the end of his video. If you hand over your property are you admitting guilt as a defendant? What are the consequences if you don't hand over your legally owned property? Watch his full video below and share with your friends and family to let them know what's going on.


John R Knight

Date 1/28/2022

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