Guard Dog Hornet 2 Keychain Stun Gun, Black
Guard Dog Hornet 2 Keychain Stun Gun, Black

Guard Dog Hornet 2 Keychain Stun Gun, Black

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World's smallest stun gun
120 db Personal Alarm
3 Powerful LED lights
Fully rechargeable.
Designed to easily attach to keys.
The Guard Dog  Hornet II is a 3 in 1 self defense tool that serves as a alarm, a light, and of course the world's smallest stun gun. It features a 120 db alarm to fend of attackers and bring attention and help if needed, it is audible up to 300 feet away. Three powerful LED lights make for clear visibility in the dark. The Hornet II easily attaches to a key chain making it convenient effortlessly conceal and ever day carry that despite the compact size, packs formidable high voltage stopping power if a situation arises. This item is a modern solution for modern problems that's great for self defense and makes for a great gift item for loved ones so they can be safe as well.

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