Ddw Dryer Sheets E1 3d+ - 15 Count
Ddw Dryer Sheets E1 3d+ - 15 Count

Ddw Dryer Sheets E1 3d+ - 15 Count

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Dead Down Wind's Dryer Sheets deliver odor elimination coupled with anti-static performance - that's why they are wet coming out of the package. If you are using a regular dry sheet, then it probably isn't doing anything for odor elimination. DDW's Dryer Sheets are the only biodegradable dryer sheet on the market.
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UNSCENTED: These odorless sheets are great for keeping you scent free in the woods. Safe for a wide range of garment materials like carbon, technical,
ANTI-STATIC GUARD BUILT IN: The Dead Down Wind laundry dryer sheets detergent help eliminates odors for all hunting garments and hunting accessories.
SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Odor elimination helps remove all traces of human scent. Safe for sensitive skin. Enzyme formulations attack the bad bacteria
SCENT ELIMINATOR FOR HUNTING: Our Laundry Dryer Sheets contains no biocides and is gentle on humans and the environment. These Laundry Bombs are Ameri
Ddw dryer sheets e1 3d+ 15 count

-8" x 7" sheets saturated with ESP® to eliminate odor
-Anti-Static Guard built in
-Treats up to 15 loads
-Convenient peel & reseal packaging - Prevents the sheets from drying out

Other Features: Wet out of the package to deliver oder elimanation coupled with anti-static performance,use 1 sheet for medium loads & 2 for larger
MPN: 1113
UPC: 189168000685

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